Protecting Plants From Frost

In general, if you are in a frost prone areas it is best to plant in  the Spring once the frosts are finished.  This will allow the plants to get established and up to size before being subjected to the harsh winter conditions.  With cold  sensitive trees that are already in the ground frost covers can be used for protection.  Covers work by trapping warm air around the tree at night and protect both the trunk and the canopy. Often hessian sacks/chaff bags, hessian fabric, marix or shadecloth is used. The hessian bag or material is held in place by three of four stakes that are placed evenly around the tree.  A draw string or separate cover is made for the top. The top has to be open during the day to allow the light in.  With bigger trees it is  difficult to protect the canopy from frost damage but the trunk can be protected by wrapping hessian or builder’s sisalation around the trunk.  Protecting the trunk is  critical as it ensures that if the foliage gets severely damaged the tree will survive by re‐shooting from the trunk in Spring.