2 Almond Trees “Nonpareil” and “Price” 90mm pots ($35 for 2 trees)


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This pair of almond trees “Nonpareil” and “Price” are commecial paper shell types and do not require a nut cracker….the paper thin shell is easily removed with the fingers.   Almonds are pollinated by bees and two varieties are needed for good fruit set.

“Nonpareil” is the most widely planted almond variety in California. Setting the quality standard for the industry, it commands prime position in the market. It is a regular to heavy bearer with a large, high quality nut. The Nonpareil variety is arguably the most popular snacking almond in the world.

“Price” is another Californian variety that is used for cross-pollination with “Nonpareil”. The bloom overlaps Nonpareil almost perfectly. It is a heavy bearing tree producing almonds with sweet and buttery taste. Both varieties are the mainstay of the Australian almond Industry.

These almonds have medium chilling requirement (~400 hours) and will perform well in a both mild to cool winter climates. Warm winter climates are not suited to almond production as flowering and fruit set can be poor. To calculate the chilling hours for your area please refer to our blog
Guide to Chilling Hours in Australia

As a general guide, almonds are suited to inland areas from Gympie in QLD south to Tasmania and west to Geraldton in WA but excluding the warmer coastal strip (50km to 100km wide) from Fraser island to Grafton

Unlike other stonefruit, almonds are not affected by Queensland Fruit Fly. Preferring well drained fertile soil, they are hardy trees that are frost tolerant down to -7 degrees C.

These trees are not bare root, they are grown in pots and have a much more reliable establishment rate than bare root trees.

Please note: due to quarantine restrictions plants cannot be sent to Northern Territory, Tasmania or Western Australia.

We only send early in the week to help ensure they arrive at their destination before the weekend.