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Our blueberry plants are quality commercial tubestock, grown in a professional nursery in south-east Queensland.

The young blueberry plants are 3-4 months old, 10-15cm tall, sun hardened and ready to plant into a larger pot.  All our blueberries are clones, propagated from mature wood and will generally start to bear when the plants reach around 30cm in height (around 4 to 6 months).

Biloxi  is a southern highbush selection ( Vaccinium corymbosum ) it  requires very little winter chilling and will produce fruit in subtropical, tropical and mildly temperate regions. They are ideal for growing in the coastal regions of NSW, SA and QLD.  In general, they are suitable for climatic areas that do not get colder than -4 degrees Celsius during winter.

Please note we cannot send trees to VIC, SA, TAS, WA or NT due to state quarantine restrictions.

Biloxi  is early to mid season ripening with large sweet fruit, often has a second crop later in the season. For improved fruit set plant with Misty or Sharp Blue.

Blueberries develop into a vigorous upright shrub that is evergreen in warmer climates and semi-deciduous in colder areas.  Plants purchased through Autumn and Winter may start to develop bronzy autumn colours and shed some leaves but when spring arrives they will spring back into life with new growth. The plants can be kept in a large pot or planted into the ground. If possible planting three blueberry varieties will help to extend the harvest period as they ripen at slightly different times.

We suggest that initially you plant the blueberries into larger pots and grow them on for three to four months before planting in the garden. In the pots, we recommend only using premium potting mix with some added controlled release fertilizer (Osmocote/ Nutricote etc). Garden soil is not suitable for use in pots. Blueberries prefer acid soils with a pH range (4-5). Mixing peat moss or sulphur into the soil or potting mix will help achieve a lower pH.

Once the plants reach around 30 cm tall they are ready to plant in the garden, you will need to keep weeds away from the tree and initially water every couple of days or so to ensure that the roots are kept moist. Mulching around the plant and protecting it with a tree guard is recommended.  Blueberries will grow exceptionally well in pots in a sunny or dappled shade area.  For good production we recommend pots that  that have a capacity of 15 litres or greater.

Please note we cannot send trees to VIC, SA, TAS, WA or NT due to state quarantine restrictions.

We only send trees on Monday to ensure they arrive at their destination before the weekend.

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