Blackberry Thornless – 90mm pots (Orchard Size)


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The Thornless Blackberry (Rubus hybrid) is a vigorous cooler climate variety that will produce an abundance of sweet juicy fruit in Summer and without the spiky thorns… making management and harvest time a much easier proposition.

As a medium to cold climate variety it requires around 400 chilling hours or greater. Warm winter climates are not suited to thornless blackberry as flowering and fruit set can be poor. To calculate the chilling hours for your area please refer to our blog
Guide to Chilling Hours in Australia

In warm summer/ cool winter climates (Warm Temperate) it is best to grow blackberries in a protected position where they are not subject to the hot afternoon sun. They will tolerate light shade/ filtered sun positions. In Cool Temperate climates (mild summers/cool winters) they can be grown in the full sun.

You will need to keep weeds away from the canes and mulch and water regularly until the plant becomes well established. Prune the growing tips in summer to encourage branching, and cut out old canes in winter as they fruit on last year’s stems….they are deciduous and spread from rhizomes. The fruit is sterile so the plants will not spread from seed.

Blackberries are best grown on a wire trellis, staked or against a fence. They are suitable for growing in large containers.

Our orchard size blackberry plants are 40-70cm tall ready to plant directly in the garden.

Please note we cannot send trees to TAS, WA or NT due to state quarantine restrictions.

We only send plants early in the week to try and ensure they arrive at their destination before the weekend.

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