Chartreuse Finger Lime Trees -50mm Pots (Cutting Grown)


Chartreuse has a subtle citrus flavour and is less bitter than other finger lime varieties.

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Finger lime “Chartreuse” is a well known commercial variety that has a green fruit with a pale green/yellow flesh. Chartreuse has a subtle citrus flavour and is less bitter than other finger lime varieties. Ideal for salads, desserts and seafood. An extended flowering and fruiting season is common with this variety. The skin changes colour from green to yellow when fully ripe.

All our Finger Lime trees are clones, propagated from mature wood and will generally start to bear when the trees are quite small but it is best to remove these fruit and let the trees reach around 80cm in height (usually 12 – 18 months) before allowing the fruit to develop on the tree.

The young trees are 3-4 months old, 8-10cm tall, sun hardened and ready to plant into a larger pot.

Finger limes do not have to be grafted to perform well. They are native to rainforest areas of northern NSW and Queensland and are resistant to root diseases.

Please Note: our trees are not grown from seed—seedling trees are not true to type and can take 8-10 years to bear.

Finger limes (Citrus australasica) are grown in much the same way as other citrus species. They are best planted in full sun in fertile soil that is well drained. They also grow well in large pots in a sunny position.

We suggest that initially you plant the trees into larger pots and grow them on for three to six months before planting in the garden. In the pots, we recommend only using premium potting mix with some added controlled release fertilizer (osmocote/ nutricote etc). Garden soil is not suitable for use in pots.

Once the trees reach around 30 cm tall they are ready to plant in the garden, you will need to keep weeds away from the tree and initially water every couple of days or so to ensure that the roots are kept moist. Mulching around the tree and protecting it with a tree guard is recommended.

Please note: we can only supply Finger Lime trees within QUEENSLAND due to state quarantine regulations.

We only send trees early in the week to help ensure they arrive at their destination before the weekend.

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