Pruning Gift Set ( 3 Piece)


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3 Piece Gift Set Includes
1 x Chikamasa T-55 secateurs
1 x Padded Secateur pouch.. universal design, easy to carry using metal clip or belt loops. Handy front pocket for sharpener storage
1 x Compact multi sharpener to keep you secateurs razor sharp

A strong lightweight pair of high-quality Japanese made secateurs/snips ideal for preparing cuttings, budwood, light trimming and flower/ fruit picking. The long pointed blades enable intricate work and each blade has a sap groove to reduce the accumulation of sap. The high carbon steel blades retain their sharp edge for extended periods and can be sharpened with ease. Overall length – 190mm, blade length – 48mm. The sharp blades produce a very neat clean cut that is essential for cutting propagation.

These are the best quality professional lightweight secateurs and we use them every day in the nursery for taking cuttings, preparing budwood and rootstocks as well as general light trimming of plants.

Chikamasa are manufacturers of high-quality precision horticultural tools and have been servicing the horticulture industry for over a century.