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Cinnamon Tree (Cinnamomum verum Syn C. zeylanicum) Ceylon Cinnamon

Dating back thousands of years to its native land Sri Lanka, few trees in the landscape have the wonderful, aromatic attributes of cinnamon.  The cinnamon is a beautiful ornamental tree with glossy green leaves and attractive red new growth. More importantly, it is the source of cinnamon spice. The spice is obtained from the bark that is peeled from the branches.

To harvest the cinnamon bark, the central trunk is cut-back (coppiced) to encourage multi-trunks and side branches.  This technique causes it to grow like a bush, with new shoots emerging out of the sides by the following year. It’s these shoots that are used to make cinnamon. Once cut, the shoots are stripped of their inner bark and the peels are set out to dry in the sun. As this happens, the bark naturally curls into quills (sticks).  Click the link to watch the cinnamon processing technique in Sri Lanka

Cinnamon trees require very well-drained soil and will grow in full sun or dappled shade. If there is any chance of the soil being poorly drained it is best to grow the trees on a raised mound of sandy loam soil.

The need to be protected from frost.  Trees can grow to 10-15m but are usually pruned to maintain a height of around 3m.

They can be grown in large pots and also make an excellent indoor plant.

These rare cinnamon trees are 8-12 months old, 40-70cm tall.

Please note we cannot send trees to WA or NT due to state quarantine restrictions.

We only send trees early in the week to help ensure they arrive at their destination before the weekend.

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