Dwarf Almond Self-Pollinating “Carina” 90mm pot


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Our grafted almond (Prunus dulcis) trees are 12-14 months old, 40-45cm tall are sun hardened and ready to plant into the ground or a large pot.

“Carina” is an outstanding new commercial variety developed by the University of Adelaide in South Australia. It is an early bearer, heavy cropper, semi-hard shell and sweet tasting. It is less likely to be damaged by insects and moisture due to the fully sealed shell. Unlike most almond varieties which require two types for pollination, Carina is strongly self-fertile and a single tree is high yielding on its own. It can however be used to pollinate Monterey, Peerless and Price.

Grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock it will only grow to around 3m tall or less making it ideal for the home garden if space is limited.

These almonds have a medium chill requirement (~400 hours) and will perform well in a both medium to cool winter climates. Warm winter climates are not suited to almond production as flowering and fruit set can be poor. To calculate the chilling hours for your area please refer to our blog
Guide to Chilling Hours in Australia

Preferring a well drained fertile soil, almonds are easy to grow and have very few pest problems. Unlike other stone fruit, QLD fruit fly is not a problem with almonds. They are frost resistant and drought tolerant but regular irrigation is required for optimal yields. The husk is easily separated from the shell. Flowering and fruit set are early Season.

“Carina” is subject to Plant Breeding Rights (pbr) and cannot be propagated without a license.

Please note: due to quarantine restrictions plants cannot be sent to Northern Territory, Tasmania or Western Australia.

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