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Avocado Wurtz (Persea americana) is a dwarf avocado tree ideally suited to small backyards. It is a small attractive tree with a weeping habit, reaching 3 to 4m if left unpruned. The fruit is medium sized, pear-shaped with dark green skin and excellent flavor. Fruiting generally starts the 2nd or 3rd year after planting. Harvest season is Aug to Oct in warmer climates.

Trees can be grown successfully in a large pot (75-100L) This will facilitate cultivation in cold climates, provided the tree is moved to a sheltered position over Winter.

Our Grafted Wurtz Trees are 12 months old, 70-80cm tall sun hardened and ready to plant into the ground or a large pot. The variety Wurtz is a A flowering type. It is very self-fertile but planting a B type nearby may improve fruit set in cooler climates (Fuerte and Sharwill are suitable B type pollinators).

The biggest enemy of the avocado tree is water logging. Avocados should be planted in a well drained situation on a raised garden bed at least 30-40cm above natural ground level. Avocados are surface feeding and grow best with generous mulching in August and December. This helps maintain constant surface moisture and insulates the plants feeder roots from the hot sun.

Avocado trees are adaptable to a range of climates, and grow commercially from tropical regions in Queensland to Mediterranean regions of Victoria and Western Australia, and subtropical regions in between. However, careful attention should be paid to the micro-climate as trees are susceptible to frost, particularly when young, as well as wind, sunburn and salt spray.

Depending on the climate, irrigation will be required in addition to natural rainfall throughout the year as Avocados are shallow rooted trees and easily water stressed.

While avocado trees are adaptable to a range of climates, they are frost susceptible, particularly when young, so they are best suited to frost-free locations. Wurtz avocado can handle mild frost conditions — conditions that just get to 0°C and only last about an hour. Anything much more than this and damage starts to increase. As such, measures should be taken to either choose locations that are frost-free, or take measures to reduce the risk or severity of frost events.

We send trees early in the week to help ensure they arrive at their destination before the weekend.

Please note: due to quarantine restrictions plants cannot be sent to the Northern Territory, Tasmania or Western Australia.

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