Kensington Pride Mango- 90mm pots


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The Mango trees are 8-12 months old, 50-90cm tall, sun hardened and ready to plant directly into the garden or a larger pot. Sturdy, single trunk trees with a good root system, they are grown in a  90mm square orchard pot that is 150mm deep. The trees are grown from clonal embryos and can begin to fruit in 2 to 3yrs.

The mango is one of the worlds most widely cultivated fruiting trees. It is native to eastern India, Burma and Malaysia and is commercially grown throughout sub-tropical regions of the world.

Kensington Pride aka “KP”, “Bowen Special” is an Australian Mango variety that was selected from a seedling in Bowen, Nth Queensland in the 1870′s. It is an excellent quality large sweet fruit that is firm, juicy and fibre free. The Australian mango industry was founded on the Kensington Pride and it is still the most popular commercial variety in Australia.

Kensington Pride is a medium to large tree that can reach 15-25m if left unpruned.  Trees and can be kept to 3 to 4m height with annual pruning. Train the tree by cutting the main stem at 1 m and allow 4 to 5 main limbs to grow. Cut these back to 0.5 m the following year, after this no pruning is required unless it gets to tall. In which case prune out a the tall vertical limb every year or so as required. In colder climates, trees require little pruning as they do not grow as big.

They are best planted in a sunny sheltered position in fertile soil that is well drained.  They also grow well in large pots in a sunny/ semi-shade position.  Thriving in sub-tropical and warmer temperate climates they are drought tolerant and can tolerate light frosts once established. Young trees, however, must be protected from frosts.. frosts of -1 degrees Celsius can kill young trees.

Trees will fruit best in sub-tropical climates with a  dry winter/spring and hot wet summer.  Mangoes will also crop in warmer southern areas of Australia…..they commonly fruit well in Sydney, the Riverina and Adelaide.