Kolossus Kalamata Olive Trees – 90mm pots


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This outstanding variety bears fruit of similar shape and colour to the well-known Kalamata olive but the fruit size is significantly larger.
The original parent variety originated in Greece but the Kolossus selection was developed in Victoria by Elaeocarpus Estate estate in Victoria. As well as the fruit size, one of the additional benefits of the Kolossus PBR is that it much more cold tolerant than the true Kalamata. It is also very adaptable and performs well in warmer climates.

The trees are 10-12 months old, 50-80cm tall are sun hardened and ready to plant into the ground or a large pot.

Please note this variety is protected by Plant Breeding Rights PBR

We only send trees early in the week to help ensure they arrive at their destination before the weekend.
Please note: due to quarantine restrictions plants cannot be sent to Northern Territory, Tasmania or Western Australia.

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