Red Conadria Fig Trees – Grove size ( 90mm pots )


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Our new season fig trees are 50-80cm tall are sun hardened and ready to plant into the ground or a large pot.

The Red Conadria fig has a rose-pink flesh with distinctive full-bodied flavor. The fruit is medium in size, pale green, and great for table use or drying. Red Conadria fig trees are productive, very vigorous, long-lived and the fruit resists spoilage. The trees bears heavily in both coastal and inland areas.

These young trees will start to bear fruit in their first summer.

Figs are very hardy trees that are proven performers in both warmer and colder climates. They are tolerant to frost, coastal conditions and salinity. Fig trees are most productive and best maintained by pruning back to a height of around 1-2 metres every winter. Trees can be kept in large pots as long as they are pruned annually. The tree has an open and spreading habit. Although the trees are drought tolerant summer irrigation is required to maximise fruit production.

We only send trees early in the week to help ensure they arrive at their destination before the weekend.

Please note: due to quarantine restrictions plants cannot be sent to Northern Territory, Tasmania or Western Australia.

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