Atherton Raspberry

Robus probus, Helidon Hills Raspberry, Bagulam….

Native to the east coast of QLD from the Helidon Hills to Atherton in the north, the Atherton Raspberry thrives in subtropical and tropical regions, making it an ideal raspberry for warmer climates. It can also be cultivated in colder climates if protected from winter frosts. It is known to be successfully grown as far south as Melbourne.

Our Fruit Tree Lane selection originated in the Helidon Hills, Yabarba in the Wakka Wakka language, and is renowned for its large sweet berries. In Helidon, the peak fruit production is in Autumn and Winter but berries are often produced most of the year round if water is not limited.

The delicious fruit is larger than the European raspberry and has a pleasant texture and unique mild sweet flavour. The fruit is great to eat fresh and can be used to make sauces and jams. The fruit reaches its peak sweetness when it is fully ripe and falls off into your hands. This native raspberry selection is a very reliable productive plant that will give you an abundance of fruit each year. A mature plant can yield around 3 or more kg in a good season…. a genuine Aussie Bush Tucker Gem. The Australian wild raspberry known as Bagulam in the Gumbaynggirr language it has been traditionally used as fresh fruit but tea made from the leaves is also used in traditional medicine for various ailments.

A sprawling evergreen shrub it is important to provide a trellis or support structure to keep the thorny canes upright and organized, as they will grow long and arching.

Like all raspberry plants it spreads from underground suckers (rhizomes) so it will need to be managed in beds with edging than extends 15cm underground to keep it contained in the garden. It can also be grown in a large pot if space is limiting. If the plant is surrounded by lawn, regular mowing of the edges will prevent the plant from spreading. It  many situations it is better managed in large pots than in the ground.

In the wild plants tend to become dormant in the dry summer heat.

Plant in sunny to partially shaded location.   Mulch and ensure regular watering.   Prune after fruiting to promote new growth.

Australia is home to at least nine native Raspberry species that are found along the east coast of Australia down to Tasmania. The Atherton raspberry Rubus probus  is by far the stand out with its large fruit, sweet flavor and high productivity. It’s distinct large oval shaped fruit, that are wider than they are long, makes it easily identifiable from othe similar native raspberries species.

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