Bay Leaf Tree – Laurus nobilis – 90mm pots


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The Bay Leaf is a hardy, attractive tree or large shrub cultivated for it fragrant leaves.  The dried leaves are a traditional flavor component of many Mediterranean dishes and it is a main ingredient of the French flavoring “Bouquet Garni”.  Thrives in both warm and cold climates.  It is well suited to growing in pots and can be maintained as a  shrub or topiary with regular pruning.  One plant will provide a life time supply of leaves for cooking.

The trees area round 12 months old, 40 to 80cm tall, sun hardened and ready to plant into the ground or a large pot. 

We only send trees on Monday to ensure they arrive at their destination before the weekend.    Please note: due to quarantine restrictions plants cannot be sent to Northern Territory, Tasmania or Western Australia