Curry Leaf Tree – 50mm pots


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Curry Leaf Tree (Murraya koenigii)

Curry leaf is the original curry spice plant commonly used in authentic Indian and Sri Lankan cooking.  The leaves are very aromatic and are often used fresh.. fried in oil before adding other ingredients.

Although most commonly used in curries, leaves from the curry tree can be used in many other dishes to add flavour.  In Cambodia, Khmer toast the leaves in an open flame or roast it until crispy and then crush it into a soured soup dish called Maju Krueng.

The plants develop into a shrub or small tree and can be cultivated in most areas of Australia as long as they are protected in from heavy frost.

They can be kept in pots in a sunny area and make an excellent ornamental shrub or hedge.

These trees are 4-6 months old, 15-20cm tall.

Please note we cannot send trees to WA or NT due to state quarantine restrictions.

We only send trees early in the week to help ensure they arrive at their destination before the weekend.

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