“Maleny Red” Finger Lime 90mm Pots (Grafted)


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Grafted Maleny Red Finger Lime Trees in 90mm pots: QLD only

Finger lime “Maleny Red” is a hardy commercial variety that has a dark reddish skin with a vibrant pink flesh. The large attractive fruit is usually seedless and around 8-12cm in length. The flavour and the colour of the vesicles intensify during the growing season, producing a crisp sweet lime flavour when fully ripe.

The young grafted trees are 7-9 months old, 30-40cm tall, sun hardened and ready to plant into a larger pot or directly into the garden. They are bushy plants with a good root system. They are in a square 9cm pot that is 15cm deep.

Our trees are grafted on commercial Troyer Citrange rootstock. The Troyer Citrange rootstock confers vigour and produces faster growing trees than those produced by cuttings. Commercial orchards typically plant grafted trees for this reason. They will usually start to bear in the first or second year after planting.

Finger limes are an amazing Australian native fruit that come in various colours including red, pink, green, and purple and yellow.The unique flesh of the finger lime is full of coloured spherical juice vesicles that look like caviar. The fresh vesicles burst in your mouth, exploding with an effervescent tangy flavour. They are great in salads and can be used as garnish for fish and oysters. They also make a tangy addition to a cold Corona.

Finger limes are grown in much the same way as other citrus species. They are best planted in a sunny sheltered position in fertile soil that is well drained. They also grow well in large pots in a sunny semi/shade position.

Naturally forming a small shrubby tree, they will tolerate light frosts and benefit from regular watering. Prune lightly after harvest to open the canopy and improve fruit quality.

Please note: we can only supply citrus trees within QUEENSLAND due to state quarantine regulations.

We only send trees early in the week to help ensure they arrive at their destination before the weekend.